We lowered our price on several items !

November 09, 2017

The competition is getting harder on tube amplifiers market as high end Hifi is slowing down due the invasion of connected speakers or similar device in the younger generation.

Even we think our product were correctly priced regarding their quality, we are on a global market and competition should be taken into consideration, so have decided to pressure our profit margin to make our amplifiers more affordable. I hope we’ll like it.

As exemple Prima Donna become at $1,590 instead of $1,790.

Doge 9 PAB becomes at $3,690 instead of $3,890

Doge 8 becomes at $1,399 instead of $1,469

Doge 6 becomes at $1,399 instead of $1,490

And last but not least, Doge 5 becomes at $790 instead of $1,090 until stock ends.