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Direct DAC-to-tube unique technology – Full tube differential stage







NOW AVAILABLE ALL IN BLACK (Silver model is discontinued)photos coming in a few weeks after our photograph shooting – All black units ready to ship.

A 100% tube CD player with a unique design. Direct « DAC-to-tube » technology – Full tube differential stage.

The reason we use the term “100% tube” is because most of CD players on the market using tubes in the analog stage are doing it just for marketing as they are just a buffer stage after a solid state stage.

On the contrary, our Doge 6 has zero solid state components after the DAC conversion chip. The only manufacturers that we know using this technique are the respectable U.K “AUDIO NOTE” but at 10 times DOGE 6 price and the U.S “JOLIDA”. (There might be others as of course we don’t know all CD players worldwide, there are several hundred of them).

The polish company LAMPIZATOR started to manufacture since 2010 some famous DACs and introduced this direct DAC-to-tube technology as a must, “the nirvana of audiophiles” but also unfortunately as something they have invented. Even we consider their DAC are really great products (not cheap… but great!) it would be great that Mr Fikus (their designer) realised that AUDIA NOTE launched their first “lampizated” DAC in 1995 and JOLIDA his first “Lampizated” CD player in 2000. (By the way, we take the opportunity to inform our customers that Doge will release in the fall of this year his own “Lampizated” DAC and we are eager to do comparisons. To be informed of this release, just subscribe to our new products newsletter. Click here.).
While our general manager Mr Liu was Jolida chief engineer during 1995 to 2003, he designed the hit product « Jolida JD100A » who did 30% of Jolida sales during many years. Despite this product remains a great CD player, instead of doing a clone with Doge logo he wanted to improve it and to do a schematics that match with the new generation of DAC chips having balanced output.

Beside the power section which has been significantly improved compared to Jolida JD100A, the analog design of Doge 6 use a very unique technology. On contrary of most CD player on the market who use single ended tube stage, including AUDIO NOTE, the Doge 6 uses a fully tubes differential stage with one tube for + and – for each channel of the DAC analog output (could be called as a kind of « push-pull stage »). These 4 tubes who act as fully balanced differential stage and gain stage are in SRPP mode.

This first stage is followed by a buffer stage, himself driven by another triode as current generator to lower output impedance.

You may wonder as we speak of balanced stage, why we don’t have XLR output on Doge 6. Well, that would be a bit technical to explain in a few words, but for the buffer stage to lower the impedance we thought it was better for the sound performance to come back in single-end mode. The advantage of our first stage in balanced mode is that it acts as a differential stage as well for those who knows this meaning.

Well, let’s stop the technique, that’s just a unique and great CD player.
The most important to remind is that there is no single solid state component between the DAC chip and the RCA plugs, a 100% pure tube analog stage !
That’s what gives this marvelous transparency and details.

All components are either imported brand or Chinese high end brands. The electrolytic capacitors are Japanese Nippon-Chemicon, while coupling capacitors are German WIMA.
The chassis is particularly stiff due to the use of 6mm thick aluminum for all panels. This avoids the CD transport to be affected by any vibration.

The final result makes an exquisite CD player who will fight with any famous western brand at $3,000 and above. You will still find that typical sound that made the JD100A popular, this pure 100% tube sound, but with a sound performance more precise, more balanced and more neutral. Some faithful customers asked us if using so many tubes (6 in total) didn’t make the sound too warm ? So the reason we use 6 tubes is because each channel of the DAC chip has two output because of its balanced configuration.

On contrary the sound stay warm but very neutral and transparent at the same time. It offer plenty of details and a nice sound stage. Many of our customers told us that they were surprised that our Doge 6 offers a sound so close to the analog sound of their turntables.





> Estimated retail price in shops : $2,090 (excluding VAT)

> Factory-direct price : from $1,479 including delivery to your front door, Paypal or CC fees and one year warranty served in your country. 

From december 2017, we do the same prices worldwide except for Asia, Russia, Brazil, and South-Africa and  small islands.





Our Doge 6 are supplied with tubes printed with a Doge logo. They are first grade Shuguang origin with Doge additional QC.

However since many customer asked some upgrade choices, we now offer these upgrades as an option :

  • Optional Psvane 12AX7-TII and 12AT7-TII : $178

> These prices are for an upgrade, they do not include the stock tubes.

Official Psvane website : www.psvane.com   –  Third party website (run under the sole responsibility of Canadian online shop Grant-Fidelity) : www.psvanetube.com

Please note that for safety reason according the international air freight regulations, remote controllers are supplied without batteries. They use traditional AA type.

  • Analogue gain stage using four 12AX7A triodes + two 12AT7 triodes. This player does not use OP-amps.
  • Transport : Phillips VAM 1210
  • Programmable for up to twenty-four tracks.
  • Basic functions accessible from front panel. All classical advanced function are on the remote controller.
  • Output tubes components : 12AX7 x 4, 12AT7 x 2
  • DAC : 192khz/24bit Cirrus Logic Crystal D/A converter
  • Analog outputs : 3 pairs of RCA
  • Digital ouput : 1 Coax Spdif
  • Remote controller : yes
  • Remote controller material:Luxury black aluminium
  • Stand-by function : yes
  • Bandwidth : 15Hz to 30KHz at + 0.2dB
  • Signal to noise ratio : 102db
  • THD :0.01%
  • Line Output Voltage : 2.5V
  • Size in inches : W:17″ x D:14.5″ x H:5.1/4″
  • Size in cm : W:44cm x D:36cm x H:11cm
  • Weight in pounds :35pds + packing
  • Weight in KG : 16kg + packing
  • Voltage : 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V. 100V on special order
  • Warranty : 1 year warranty on electronics, 3 months on vacuum tubes

4 reviews for DOGE 6

  1. 5 out of 5

    Doge6 – CD player: What a great ‘machine’ !!! Purchased Nov. 2015.
    First I want to tell you about the care taken in packing and delivery.
    The unit arrived double [hard] cardboard boxed. Delivery affected in less than the 10 days stated. The delivery service being DHL. DHL – handles the large packages with exceptional care – you needn’t worry of receiving a banged up package.
    This unit has the clarity one would desire in an reference level audio component. The details in the music, incredible. My other reference level CD players take several seconds for an CD to load – not saying this is bad mind you but – when an CD is entered to the drawer and closed – the CD is read (seemingly while the drawer enters the unit) and it is ready to play – immediately.
    When choosing an CD player – I want to see discrete circuitry – that is what you will find inside an Doge6 and the other products offered by Doge. The units’ remote is made from a solid block of aluminum. I like that.
    People, look at the photos especially the internal photo – that is a nice piece of work.

    After some research it was quite obvious – to get the build and performance quality in an unit offered here in the ‘States’ be prepared to pay at least a thousand dollars more.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I am using a Doge 6 since a couple of years (together with a Doge 8 preamp) and I am loving it. The only thing to know is that with this CD player the sound is not only warm, but also smooth, smoother than with other tube players.

    The DAC seems to work in an excellent way – it is definitely better than my stand-alone DAC (TEAC UD501), which has also it’s qualities.

    The sound is altogether very full and rich, good dynamics. I like it. Moreover the manufacturing quality is also excellent (as with other Doge products).

    Marc from Doge Audio was moreover always very helpful with any q1uestion I had. I can really recommend this device (and, up to now the service behind).

  3. 5 out of 5

    I have owned a Doge 6 for over 5 years now and it has been an absolute joy. It is extremely musical and I have not had one technical problem with it. It is built like a tank and it is attractive to look at. If you are looking for a musical cd player that you can depend on I would highly recommend this one.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Excellent CD player. Top notch !!

  5. 5 out of 5

    I have owned the original Doge 6 since2008/2009. I installed cryovac’d tubes and it has been bullet-proof since. Open, lovely soundstage and very analog sounding. Use it daily. 5*****

  6. 5 out of 5

    Purchased Doge 8 and 9 in summer of 2016 – todays review: February 2019.
    I did not wait this long to write this review because I was lazy – I knew many of you , like me, see reviews mere days after someone makes an purchase. We read it thinking “this Guy [or Gal] wrote an review so soon because He got a new toy”. We would rather see some time go by BEFORE an review is written.
    The Doge 9 mono blocks are quite heavy – I like heavy. To me it means I purchased something with substance. They sat on the garage floor where they were delivered for a week until I purchased a couple of dollies to get them in the house.
    Found an piece of Audio furniture able to hold more than 300 pounds. Afterwards it occurred to me – I could have SET them on the dollies since they were not bad looking (blue & black Home Depot $30.00 each) with smooth wheeling.
    Connected it to the Doge 8 with their cable and 12 gauge 356 strand copper cables with premium terminations. Quality Surge protection – to assure no electrical transients.
    OK – the SOUND: clear, detailed – voices….Nora Jones sang as if She were in the room ! The ability for this unit to produce sound – The Music – effortless.
    Be advised – it is said tube Audio equipment does best towards Jazz and Classical music – my main listening choices. BUT I discovered, the Doge 8 and Doge 9 with Doge 6 CD player and an Marantz SACD made music from my ERA: 60s/70s – sound incredible. You will hear the Doors, CSN&Y, Johnny Winters ….put it this way – you will find yourself eagerly REVISITING your music library.
    I did go for the tube upgrade in the Doge 9 and already had over a dozen quiet NOS 12AT7 and 12AX7 tubes – which I used for the PRE-AMP sections in the four DOGE units.
    Do not be concerned with the heat. To the back of the Audio cabinet – I installed a couple of boards looking like they belonged to the cabinet and attached two very quiet, small fans – which are remotely turned ‘on’/’off’ when I use this set up. This done to assure longevity of the tubes. Heat the room in the Winter.
    The DOGE 9 looks real cool. I know it is not an Lava Lamp but that partition with the metal mirror finish reflects the glow of the tubes making this unit look rich as well as sound rich.
    The DOGE units because of their build quality and because they are tube equipment are to be treated with respect.

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