An innovative 100% tube analog stage

DOGE 7 – Tube DAC

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The Doge 7 is our most innovative product




Our new 32 bits DAC – Compliant with DSD64 /DSD128 / DSD256

The Best of tube world and digital world.





Many of you encourage us to design it since 2013. We worked on it during 2.5 years. It is now there, ready to ship. The DOGE 7 is our most innovative product ever. It combines the best of digital and analog worlds and offer a sound that is so close to turntable sound that is will bring vinyl lovers into digital world.

It offers at the same time a 32bits/384KHz chip that is DSD compliant and a full tube analog stage without solid state components, where most of the other tube DACs on the market offer just a buffer tube stage except a few ones that can be counted with fingers of one single hand. One is the polish “Lampizator” at 3 to 5 time our price depending model, or the UK “Audio-Note” at 7 to 15 time our price depending model.

DOGE 7 uses a 32 bit last generation ESS Sabre 9018 and a 6 tubes analog stage if you use unbalance output or 8 tubes analog stage if you use balance output.

We have two coaxial inputs, two optical input, one native 384Khz USB input, one AES-EBU input. We use famous XMOS chip to have the USB input to get full benefit of HD digital bitrate, where 90% of DAC on the market get only 96KHz on USB input.
There are many DACs on the market with ES9018, but none of them offer such an analog stage like the DOGE 7.
Like in our CDP DOGE 6, after the ESS Sabre chip converts the signal from digital to analog, the analog signal is only treated by vacuum tubes, we do not use solid state chips to make the amplification. The result is an incredible “analog” sound that makes DOGE 7 sounds more like a turntable rather than a DAC. Some A/B test done with some other DACs has shown DOGE 7 easily recognizable in 
all tests.


We use the best components in DOGE 7, golden plated sockets for the tubes, UK ClarityCap ESA model for our coupling capacitors, Nippon-Chemicon and Nichicon for Electrolytic caps. The digital section uses ultra low noise voltage regulator.
The DOGE 7 comes with a quality headphone output with volume controller. Please note the headphone output is the only solid state stage on the DOGE 7. It would have been impossible to have a quality tube headphone output according the size available inside the chassis.
The same potentiomer offers as well a volume control, called “preamp mode” on the display. However that doesn’t mean you can use the outputs of DOGE 7 in preamp mode to drive directly a power amp as the max voltage is the same in DAC mode or Preamp mode. This volume function is controlled by the ES9018 chip. Its main utility of this preamp mode is NOT to replace a traditionnal preamp but for example to manage volume with integrated amp that has no remote controller. It can be used
DOGE 7 comes with a elegant and discret display that shows :
> the bitrate
> the input sected
> the digital mode PCM (traditional mode) or DSD
> the output mode. Standard DAC or preamp.
Its firmware can be updated through USB input.
Both analog and digital connectors are golden plated and first grade sourced in Taiwain. You will be surprised how our digital sockets are different from mass market DACs.


You won’t find review of DOGE 7 as it has been released this summer 2017. We know it is still a bit anxious to buy a product that has not been reviewed, but we use similar technologies present on our rewarded DOGE 8 and DOGE 6, so you don’t take much risk. We have the pretention to say DOGE 7 won’t find any competitor at its price.



> Estimated retail price in shops : $2,290 (excluding VAT)

> Factory-direct price : from $1,569 (Australia, Canada, UE, USA) including delivery to your front door, Paypal or CC fees and one year warranty served in your country.



All our Doge 7 are supplied with tubes printed with a Doge logo. They are first grade Shuguang origin with Doge additionnal QC.

However since many customer asked some upgrade choices, we now offer these ones :

  • Optional Psvane TII for RCA use only : $160
  • Optional Psvane TII XLR + RCA use : $230

Please note that for safety reason according international air freight regulations, remote controllers are supplied without batteries. They use traditional AA type.

  • Tubes components : 12AX7 x 4, 12AT7 x 2  (RCA output)
  • Tubes components : 12AX7 x 6, 12AT7 x 2  (XLR output)
  • RCA Output : 2
  • XLR ouput: 1
  • USB input: 1
  • Coaxial inputs: 2
  • Optical inputs: 2
  • AES-EBU: 1
  • Remote controller : yes
  • Stand-by function : yes
  • Remote controller material Luxury black aluminium
  • Headphone output : yes
  • Preamp function : yes. From front panel and remote controller
  • Bandwidth :20Hz to 20KHz
  • S/N ratio :103dB
  • THD : 0.04%
  • Input impedance : 50K ohms
  • Line input sensibility : 200mV
  • Max output voltage : 2.6V
  • Output impedance : 600 ohms
  • Size in inches : W:17″ x D:14.5″ x H:5.1/4″
  • Weight in mm :W:44cm x D:36cm x H:11cm
  • Weight in KG :16kg + packing
  • Voltage :depending your country :120V, 220V, 230V, 240V. 100V on special order
  • Warranty : 1 year for electronics, 3 months for vacuum tubes

2 reviews for DOGE 7 – Tube DAC

  1. 5 out of 5

    I was looking for a tube dac to impart an organic sound into a second system. Owning a lot of NOS tubes I decided on the dac 7. What a fantastic dac! I brought it into my main system just to play with it and I don’t think it’s leaving. Fantastic sound, build quality is top notch, and this dac plays every resolution in my playlist without any problems. I have been lucky enough to have a Lampi Big 7, the Zanden dac, and several others, and this new Doge dac ( with the right tubes) can play with the best of them. I’m VERY impressed.

  2. 5 out of 5

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Gary G.
    To: Marc / DOGE AUDIO overseas sales manager
    Sent: Friday, November 17, 2017 6:43 PM
    Subject: Re: Doge 7

    Hi Marc,

    I received the Doge 7 earlier this week, and so far I am really enjoying the sound – I have compared it briefly to my excellent “analog sounding” Border Patrol Non-Oversampling (NOS) DAC, and I hear that the Doge DAC provides a touch more detail plus a deeper sound stage – And this is even before the Doge has had a chance to fully break in. I believe this DAC is a keeper! After some more time with the Doge, I will be happy to write a review for you.

    Best Regards,

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