Exclusive Tube Headphone amplifier with output transformers


What makes the Doge 6210 very special, it is that on contrary of most products on the market, it uses output transformers and has a preamp output.



What makes the Doge 6210 very special, it is that on the contrary of most headphone amps, it uses output transformers to match perfectly with all the impedance of headphone sets on the market.

Because all headphones on the market have different impedance, the other tube headphone amps can change dramatically their sound performance depending of which headphone is used.

To sum-up there is three kinds of headphone impedance on the market. Headphones between 32 to 60 ohms, headphones of 300 ohms and headphones of 600 ohms. The output transformers of our Doge 6210 have three different wiring, one of 32 ohms, one of 300 ohms and one of 600 ohms. You can try as many types of headphone you wish, the sound performance will remains excellent on all types.

This perfect impedance matching means a lot ! Indeed you can find many headphone amplifiers whose power output is given at 1W at 32ohms and who collapse at 0.1W at 600 ohms. We have even seen some portable headphone ams who fall at 0.025W with 600 ohms headphone set. Which means pratically they are only 32 ohms dedicated headphone amps.

This is the case with solid state headphone amps, but also with “OTL” tube amps (output transformer less). In addition, these OTL headphone amps that are the majority on the market have a big coupling electrolytic capacitor which is the nightmare of audiophiles as only film coupling capacitors give a neutral sound performance.

Because headphone amps don’t require lot of current, it use a pentode EL84 in true class A and triode mode. Because this tube can go up to 5W in class A (far above from headphone power requirement), it can produce very impressive bass as it will never lack of current. We have compared it with other products on the market in the range $500-$700 and it overperformed all of them.

You can use two headphone at the same time (with the only condition they have both the same impedance), for example to make headphone real time comparisons.

The Doge 6210 uses an high class Japanese ALPS volume potentiometer with 1dB precision between left and right channel. The electrolytic capacitors are Japanese “Nippon-Chemicon” and coupling capacitors are German’s “Wima”.

Because of the presence of a high class potentiometer we have included a preamp function. It use the 300 ohms output which is extremly low impedance, so it potentialy can  drive any power amp.



> Estimated retail price in shops : $690 (excluding VAT)

> Factory-direct price : from $459 including delivery to your front door, Paypal or CC fees and one year warranty served in your country. 

From december 2017, we do the same prices worldwide except for Asia, Russia, Brazil, and South-Africa and  small islands.

  • Output power : 0.5W RMS per channel
  • Tubes components : EL84 x 2, 12AX7 x 2
  • RCA Inputs : 1
  • Tape monitor : 1
  • Remote Controller : No
  • Jack ouput : 2 x 6.3mm jack
  • Bandwidth :10Hz – 80KHz at +/- 1 db
  • Signal to noise ratio :>90db
  • THD : <0.1%
  • Input impedance : 50k ohms
  • Input sensitivity :250mV
  • Output impedance : 32 ohms, 300 ohms, 600 ohms
  • Size in inches : W:6.7 » x D:12.2 » x H:6.1
  • Size in cm :W:17cm x D:31 x H:15.5
  • Weight in pounds : 13pd + packing
  • Weight in Kg :6kg + packing
  • Voltage :depending your country : 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • Warranty : 1 year on electronics, 3 months for vacuum tubes


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