In the past you might find for sale, some Doge products on other websites that our Doge corporate website. These website were mainly located in Hong-Kong. Most of them have bankrupt these past years, only one remains still active, it is Cattylink.com.

The reason they could source by-passing us is simple : because China is a very large country and we are a small company, until 2016 we used to have a wholesaler to distribute our product in Hifi Chinese shops and not doing by ourselves. We just ended this situation recently in early 2016 and since summer 2016 Cattylink.com has not anymore any way to source our products.

The reason we reproach them to sell our products is because they don’t offer a warranty in customer country and their warranty was served in Hong-Kong only. Even speaking about support, many customers reported that they didn’t even replied support email inquiries.

We kindly asked them to remove all our products from their website, we even offer them to refund the webmaster fees. However they were so proud being so clever to source most of Chinese brands without manufacturers consent, that they feel very upset we succeeded to avoid them to source our products. To compensate their anger, they found nothing better to write defamatory comments about the reliability of our products.

They wrote : 


What is important to understand is that we have evidence emails that a short time before we block them to source our products they were still claiming that our products were great and very robust and reliable. We trust our potential customer to understand that it is nothing else than pure revenge and our products have always got reputation to be among the most reliable in China.