We sell direct to you !

Flags_of_USADear US customers,

after having tried different local partnerships, we reached the conclusion the way to offer you the best service was to deal directly with you rather than to use a local partner. Doing so, we think we can offer you a better service as nobody else than us knows better our products.
Having no middlemen between you and us, allows us to offer you very attractive prices.

We are eco-friendly because your order will be picked up at our factory and go directly to your home. This is the shortest way and the lowest CO2 consuming.

The delivery to your front door is a fast and simplified process (6/7 days) where DHL do all customs clearance job for you, so you will have nothing else to do than to collect the parcel from the DHL driver and to pay the import duty that every imported good is submitted and a fix $20 clearance fee to DHL the day of delivery or, depending your state, to pay online on DHL website the day prior to delivery. You will have only to deal with us or DHL but never with customs.

NOTE to our US customers: Due to the trade war initiated by Mr. Trump the tariffs in USA have changed a lot of time and it is difficult to predict if they will remain stable at 10%, increase or decrease. Right now after having been during a long period at 4%, the rate is 10% but this page is not contractual, which means Doge can’t be held as responsible if at the time or your order, the administration Trump will have increased them. Mr Trump regularly mentions he will adopt a 25% rate on all Chinese products.

In conclusion buying from us is very close to an online purchase you could do inside the USA except the import duties to add.


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We don’t have neither in Hong-Kong, nor in China any authorized dealers for overseas market. You may find some Doge unauthorized resellers through Ebay or their own website. We strongly recommend you never to buy from these resellers. We have now succeeded to block most of them, so at childish revenge Cattylink is currently displaying comments that they stopped to sell our product because of “poor reliability”. We hope our future customers can understand it is just a mean attitude only due to revenge feeling as we won the battle to avoid them to source illegally our products.

To learn more about this issue, please click here.