We now sell direct to you worldwide. Doing so, we think we can offer you the best service as nobody else than us knows better our products.

Having no middlemen between you and us, allows us to offer you very attractive prices.

We are eco friendly because your order will be picked-up at our factory and go directly to your home. This is the shortest way and lowest CO2 consuming.

We have two non-exclusive dealers in France. You are free to order from them or from us depending your preference between price and local service.

The delivery to your front door is a simplified process where DHL do all Customs clearance process for you, so except to pay a small import duty (between 2 to 4% depending countries), and the local VAT/sales tax (also depending each country, around 15% in Australia & Canada and around 20% in UE countries).

These taxes are not included in our quotation as each country has its own regulations. You have to pay it to DHL the day of the delivery or online on DHL website the day prior the delivery depending each country.

Buying from is very close to an online purchase you could do in your own country.

To know how to order and get a quote please click on icon below :



We don’t have neither in Hong-Kong, nor in China any authorized dealers for overseas market. You may find some Doge unauthorized resellers through Ebay or their own website. We strongly recommend you never to buy from these resellers. We have now succeeded to block most of them, so at childish revenge Cattylink is currently displaying comments that they stopped to sell our product because of “poor reliability”. We hope our future customers can understand it is just a mean attitude only due to revenge feeling as we won the battle to avoid them to source illegally our products.

To learn more about this issue, please click here.