We have to do 2018 price increase due to raw materials and strong Yuan

January 02, 2018

Unfortunately, even we wish you all the best for 2018, we have to start the year by a small price increase as the Chinese Yuan became much stronger these  past 3 weeks versus USD, which means for each dollar you send us, we get less Chinese Yuan.

In parallel many raw material like copper, aluminum of steel have strongly increased in the past two months. This is not an issue for our company only and we know many other Chinese manufacturers who has increased their price stronger than us.

In fall we had tried to lower a bit how profit margin to decrease our price, but we can’t lower it infinitly.  Thanks for your understanding. Of course if this situation would change in other direction, we would do the reverse.


As exemple Prima Donna become at $1,639 instead of $1,590.

DOGE 7 becomes $1,590 instead of $1,569

DOGE 9 PAB becomes at $3,790 instead of $3,690

DOGE 8 becomes at $1,439 instead of $1,390

DOGE 6 becomes at $1,449 instead of $1,399